Best practice to write email preview text to boost open rates

Mar 22, 2023

In today's digital world, writing good email preview text is more important than ever to ensuring successful open rates. Your email preview text is often the first thing your potential readers see when they check their inbox, so it's essential to make a good impression that makes them want to click through and read the full message. Crafting email preview text that's eye-catching and enticing can be tricky, but with a few helpful tips, you can easily improve your open rates.

However, before you start writing your preview text, it's important to consider what your goal is. What do you want the reader to do after reading it? Are you trying to get them to read the full message, take a certain action, or simply be aware of something? Doing this in advance can help guide you in crafting a preview text that's interesting and purposeful. This article will provide you with strategies on how to write good email preview text to boost open rates.

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In this article, you'll learn about:

  1. Understand your Audience
  2. Keep it Short and Sweet
  3. Highlight the Benefits
  4. Use Actionable Language
  5. Test Your Preview Text

Let's dive in!

1. Understand your Audience

When it comes to writing good email preview text, it's important to keep your audience in mind. Who are you sending emails to? What kind of information do they need? What will grab their attention and make them open your email? That's the kind of knowledge you need to be successful in drafting effective preview text.

Understanding who you are talking to and what will appeal to them is key. Your readers have different interests and needs, so it is important to tailor your message to them. Think carefully about the language you use and the tone of your text – you want it to be personable and have a strong emotional appeal.

Also, consider the context of the email. If you are sending a promotional email, include incentives and call-to-actions. If it's an informational email, make sure you frame the content in a way that's helpful and informative. To really draw readers in, use vivid storytelling and concise language to express your message clearly and concisely.

Additionally, your target audience may be from a range of ages, genders and backgrounds. Think about how to communicate with each of these groups in a respectful and engaging way. Use an appropriate language that resonates with your readers.

Finally, engage in research. Ask questions and get feedback from your readers. Having an understanding of the people you are sending emails to allows you to write email preview text that speaks to them in a meaningful way. Good email preview text is a precise balance of audience-centricity and creativity – understanding your readers is the first step in crafting persuasive text to boost open rates.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

When it comes to email headlines, you have limited space to make an impression and captivate your readers. It’s therefore essential to keep your preview text short and sweet for maximum impact. It should be clear, concise and direct, allowing your readers to get the gist of what you have sent in the fewest words possible.

Adding a bit of personality to the preview text can also be effective. A quirky phrase or witty comment can make your message stand out in the inbox and further entice a reader to open your email. Keep it appropriate to the content, however, or your message may be lost in translation.

You may also want to consider playing around with the structure of your preview text. A simple sentence can be just as effective as a long one, as can a question or list of points. Whatever you decide to go for, always make sure it is easy to understand and conveys your primary point clearly.

If you can pack multiple points into one powerful phrase, all the better. A great example of this is ‘3 ways to boost ROI this week’. This simple statement is enough to give a reader a good idea of what they can expect from the email, while also keeping it brief to encourage an open.

Your preview text should match the tone, language and style of the content it is previewing. Consistency of voice will create a cohesive message and smooth reader experience, so aim to carry the same message and theme throughout the entire email.

In short, it is possible to craft effective and enticing preview text with just a few words. Make sure it gives readers an insight into what they can expect while still being concise and you’ll be sure to see a lift in open rates.

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3. Highlight the Benefits

To really make your email preview text stand out, it’s important to highlight the benefits your recipient will gain by opening your email. Benefits are compelling and exciting which can draw recipients in and encourage them to take action. To create effective benefit driven email preview text, try to think about what your reader is interested in.

By outlining the benefits of your email, you’re not only making a promise of what the reader can gain from reading it - you’re also demonstrating the value of your messages. Your goal should be to show the recipient why your email is entirely worth their time.

When ensuring your email preview text features a benefit, the focus should be on how your message will help or benefit the reader in some way. Whether it’s a discount code or new product launch, craft your text so that it excites the recipient and highlights the unique value your email brings them.

It’s also important to try and avoid using vague language when phrasing the benefits. Words like ‘amazing’, ‘unbelievable’ and ‘incredible’ don’t really resonate with readers, so instead be specific and explain what ‘amazing’ thing they can expect to find in your message. For example, instead of saying ‘You won’t believe what’s inside’, you could say ‘Discover our brand-new product launch’.

The use of tangible, real-world benefits in your email preview text can be incredibly powerful. When written properly, it will be effective in reaching your readers and encouraging them to open your emails. Keep your copy short, engaging and focused to ensure your message reaches your reader, and gives them a compelling reason to continue exploring your content.

4. Use Actionable Language

Effective email previews are an important part of driving open rates. With so many emails flooding our inboxes, it’s important for businesses to stand out above the rest. Actionable language is an excellent way to get the attention of your potential reader.

When crafting your email preview text, ask yourself, ‘what action do I want my reader to take?’ Use verbs that have impact, such as ‘discover’ and ‘explore’. These terms spark curiosity and drive readers to click. Additionally, draw on emotive words to heighten the reader’s interest. Creating a call to action from words such as ‘unlock’ and ‘unleash’ will not only invoke feelings of excitement but also captivate the receiver.

It’s also necessary to ensure your tone is appropriate for the message you want to communicate. Use language such as ‘get’ or ‘grab’, if you want the reader to act quickly and act now. Alternatively, if you want to send a more informative and longer lasting message, use terms such as ‘uncover’ or ‘discover’.

Adding personality to your preview text is also a great idea. Let your unique style and voice shine through, while still ensuring you are conveying the right message. Hype up the text with words such as ‘explode’ and ‘fireworks’ - words that will have the reader wanting to learn more. Everyone loves the idea of maximum rewards with minimal effort, so phrases such as ‘effortlessly reach’ and ‘experience more’ are perfect for sparking the reader’s interest.

Ultimately, using the right actionable language in your email preview text is the ultimate way to boost open rates and get your message in front of the right audience. With the right words, you can ensure your readers are intrigued and eager to click through.

5. Test Your Preview Text

Creating an effective email preview text that can boost open rates can be easier said than done. To make sure you give your email the best chance of being opened, it’s essential to test every piece of preview text you send out. Testing each preview text can give you insight into which ones are the most effective for your readers, leading to more successful campaigns with more opens.

Let’s explore five steps for making sure you are testing your email preview text in order to reach those high open rates.

First, you need to pick two different versions of your preview text to test. Try to put together versions that show a notable contrast, such as going from a straightforward message to a humorous or creative one.

Second, get clear analytics on different campaigns. Analyzing data such as click-through rates can help you understand a preview text's effectiveness.

Third, come up with a specific goal for your test. This way, you will be able to differentiate if your goal was met or not. Fourth, keep track of the results for your tests. Always pay closer attention not just to the email open rate but also the clicks from the emails that were opened. Dissecting the overall effectiveness can help you determine what type of preview text works best.

Fifth, make sure to repeat the test process multiple times. Testing the same email preview text on different audiences can help you find out what type of audience resonates with a particular preview text.

These five steps should give you a good understanding of which email preview texts work best for your readers and help you reach a higher open rate in your campaigns. Taking the time to test not just one but several versions of preview text is what can make feature the difference in a successful email campaign.

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Finally, be sure to avoid copy-pasting the same preview text for each email. In conclusion, crafting effective email preview texts can be a challenge, but by following the tips above and revisiting your goals and audience, you can craft engaging and visible preview texts that will have better open rates and show your readers the value of your message. With the right words, pacing and style you can grab the attention of your readers and help your emails stand out.