Frequently asked questions

Can I try Copylime for free?
Yes, we offer 30 credits for free. Take Copylime for a spin today if you haven't already.
How do I use Copylime?
Type what you would like to write about (be as specific as possible), click the "Create content" button and watch the AI type out the inspiration for you.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes, no questions asked. All purchases are refundable within 7 days of purchase if 100% of credits are unused.
Do credits expire?
Why should I use Copylime?
The goal of Copylime is to inspire your copywriting and content, ultimately help fuel you with ideas and overcome the writer's block or the Blinking Cursor syndrome, whatever your niche, community or audience may be about.
I'm not happy with the inspiration, what should I do?
Avoid using single words. Try to be as specific as possible - the more specific your query is the better inspiration you will get.
If you ever get a duplicate, let us know and you'll receive your credits back.
How does the pricing work?
Simple pricing, 1 credit = 1 use, in the future some tools may use more than 1 credit due to the volume of output they produce.